June 7, 2023

Women’s volleyball team proud of em silver medal

women's volleyball team proud of em silver medal

Above the rooftops of berlin, the german volleyball players turned night into day. After a meal at their favorite italian restaurant in kreuzberg, giovanni guidetti’s team celebrated the last of their frustrations in a penthouse club.

The joy over the silver medal at the home european championships was not only outweighed by the view of the imposing berlin skyline. "I am a very proud coach of a breathtaking team that has made volleyball the most important sport in the past two weeks," guidetti said after the painful defeat in the final match against the superior russians.

As in belgrade two years ago, the team led by margareta kozuch once again came within a hair’s breadth of the gold they had longed for. "They are a strong volleyball nation," guidetti paid respect to the now 18-time european champions. "They were significantly better. We fought, but it was not enough."Nevertheless, silver in the european championships was "an unbelievable thing". Praise from the russian trainer. "That was the hardest game for us at the european championships," said juri maritschew, who usually coaches men’s clubs.

"Butterflies", "guidetti girls" – on their dream journey to the finals in the max schmeling hall, kozuch& co. Many a new term of endearment. But most importantly: despite the 1:3 against the world champion on saturday evening, they did best advertising for their sport. "The project was gold, but the project was also to get volleyball in the media. That was our mission number one," emphasized middle blocker corina ssuschke-voigt after the closing point.

After nine days at home in the european championships, the main thing that remains is the desire for more attention. "I hope that it remains in the public eye, that people become more aware of our marginal sport and also of the other sports, that they join in the excitement," the best middle blocker of the tournament, christiane furst, also said emphatically. "We would like to play in front of such a hall, that’s what we live for."

The first exchange sab deep in the selection of the german volleyball federation. "Today i am sadder because i was dreaming of an unbelievable good end for these madels. But that almost only happens in the movies," said guidetti. "My head congratulates this team, but my heart is a little sad because i always want the best for these madels."

Just a few minutes after the K.O. But the roughest frustration was gone. When kozuch and her teammates were handed their silver medals by gianna nannini on "notti magiche" (magic night), they were allowed to beam again. "I’m proud of the team, of all of us," said the hamburg native.

"We held our own," summarized heike beier, "but the crux of the matter was the third set. Had we pulled through and won, the game had gone another way."Guidetti’s men were able to keep the game open until 23:23, but then the russian express pulled away unstoppably. "After the third we couldn’t hold out any longer. Russia simply couldn’t be beaten," was also the verdict of furst.

Where do we go from here? Thanks to silver at the european championships, the german women’s volleyball team has qualification for the 2014 world championships and the 2015 european championships in the bag. That’s why the team won’t see each other again until the end of may. But there will be changes. "We have to bring in young players again," said furst. "I hope we can build up for rio 2016."Guidetti also wants to integrate fresh players. "I have to bring something new in the new season," he announced. Maybe the successful coach of vakifbank istanbul will be able to celebrate a coup with the national team.


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