June 7, 2023

Young candidates for teuschnitz city council

The electoral community "people in the center" is not only standing with susanne daum in the upcoming municipal elections on 15. Marz is a candidate for mayor (we reported earlier), but she also wants to win seats in the city council. On thursday evening the corresponding list was adopted.

Daum emphasized that in her municipal work, the people in the entire city area are the focus of attention. Therefore also the name of the wahlergemeinschaft was so selected.

The mayoral candidate was pleased that the list of the electoral association "menschen im mittelpunkt" (people in the center) included a number of candidates have found young people who want to get involved at the community level and develop their home town further. The average age of candidates for a city council seat is 31.8 years.

One of the reasons the young people gave for running was that they did not want to keep their ideas and suggestions to themselves. "Then you achieve nothing!", according to corinna bayer. Furthermore, they are interested in winning over young people for voluntary work and sensitizing some of them to remain loyal to their homeland.

The candidates also agreed that the citizens of the city and its districts, as well as the associations, should be involved in the decision-making process. The overall aim of the burgerliste is to put people first the offer of the city council candidates could also be expanded.

Susanne daum also explained that it was a concern of hers and the burgerliste that as many people as possible identify with their home town.

Since friday, the list of candidates for the town council has been available at the town hall. Just as for their mayoral candidate susanne daum, the candidates need 60 signatures to be admitted to the municipal elections in march.

Citizens from teuschnitz, hablach, rappoltengrun and wickendorf can register monday to friday, 8 to 12 o’clock, monday, tuesday, wednesday 13 to 16.30 o’clock, thursday, 13 to 17.30 o’clock, saturday 25. January, 10 a.M. To 12 p.M. Vs