June 7, 2023

Youth center as a model for cooperation

Youth center as a model for cooperation

Community cooperation is a common concern for those responsible in altenkunstadt, burgkunstadt and weismain. Another important step has now been taken in this area with the extension of the contract for the BRK youth center "pins" done in altenkunstadt.

As robert hummer, head of altenkunstadt, made clear at a meeting with his colleagues from weismain and burgkunstadt, there has been a lot of progress in cooperation, including the BRK youth center "pins," which was created in 2016 in altenkunstadt, which is jointly supported by all three municipalities. According to preliminary talks, this facility is to be continued under the direction of the bavarian red cross for an initial period of five years.

Mayor christine frieb (burgkunstadt) justified the approval of the city and the city council of burgkunstadt with the fact that this youth center has developed as a starting point on the upper main for all children and young people between the ages of 10 and 20. The center also has qualified staff who offer the girls and young people meaningful leisure activities and at the same time open up a wide range of activities for them. In their opinion, according to frieb, the "pins" can be a good thing in any case with great offers auarten.

The city of weismain also gave its approval for the continuation of the collaboration to mayor udo dauer. He saw an important task for the associations in the area of school and youth work, which performed great work here, but on the other hand, there were also children and young people who did not want to commit themselves so firmly, but still wanted to have a contact point for their concerns – the BRK youth center could serve them. The range of the "pin contains something for everyone.


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