June 7, 2023

Zwanziger criticizes world cup host qatar: “cancerous swearing

Zwanziger criticizes world cup host qatar:

Former DFB president theo zwanziger has verbally criticized the role of world cup host qatar in sports and has also taken aim at the bundesliga.

"The infinite wealth of this small country of qatar is spreading almost like a cancer over fubball and sports," zwanziger told the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung". The organizer of the 2022 world championship has been confronted with accusations of bribery since the awarding of the contract in december 2010, but has always denied them.

"This small country uses its economic strength to influence political and sporting decisions," stressed the member of the FIFA executive committee. "If the decision to award the world cup is not the right one, but the worst of all possible decisions, then it will be a great defeat for soccer."

Zwanziger also criticized the attitude of the german clubs in the discussion about a possible postponement of the staging of the world tournament in view of the severe heat in winter. "In germany, too, there are already discussions about postponing the game calendar. I wonder: who in the bundesliga does their training camps in qatar??" asked the former head of the german fubball association. "Also internationally you have to have a look at who all has been there already. That would be worth a separate investigation."Among others, FC bayern munchen and FC schalke from germany have stayed in the western country in the past.

In the debate about former FIFA head and current honorary president joao havelange, zwanziger had wanted the DFB and his successor wolfgang niersbach to act differently. "Why didn"t the DFB apply to the FIFA congress to have havelange"s honorary presidency revoked?? Such a request would be credible. I had hoped that the DFB would provide him," explained zwanziger.

At the upcoming FIFA congress in mauritius on 30./31. A decision is to be made in may on a possible withdrawal of havelange's honorary presidency. The brazilian is alleged to have been involved in the bribery scandal involving the former sports marketing company ISL, but has always denied these accusations. Niersbach had recently emphasized that "absolute credibility" was the issue in dealing with the names mentioned in the ISL affair.

Zwanziger announced his resignation as DFB president 16 months ago, and niersbach was elected as his successor in march 2012. Since 2011, zwanziger has been a member of the FIFA executive committee and also heads the statutes working group.

The 67-year-old affirmed that he was satisfied with the reform process in the scandal-ridden FIFA. "Seven or eight members of the FIFA executive have already been replaced," he said. Most recently, after the brazilian ricardo texeira, the top official nicolas leoz (paraguay), who is suspected of corruption, also resigned. "The fact that (FIFA president joseph) blatter is not there may annoy some people," said zwanziger. "But it"s also a sign that he"s better and has more integrity than his reputation in germany."


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